Charities & Organisations:

Recycling for charities and organisations

No matter how big or small, we are happy to help support all charities. We appreciate charities are busy constantly trying to raise funds, get grants and secure funding. We want to provide you with as much support as possible to help our scheme become a success for your charity or organisation.

The more people you speak to, the more inks you can collect. Get details added to your website and social media pages, post about it regularly. Have events throughout the year? Advertise you’ll be collecting inks that day, we’ll come down for an hour and talk to people about it.

You are asking people for items they would normally throw away, they will be glad to give them to you. Remind them that the world has a massive problem with plastic pollution, by donating empty printer inkjet cartridges rather than throwing them away they can help make a difference in more ways than one.

We can collect from anywhere, so get your corporate partners involved, once you get the green light and they’re interested, we can set up everything with them directly on your behalf, collecting the inks and donating you the money raised – you don’t even have to see the inks!

We’ve already raised over £560K for charities. Make it easy for people to 'drop off' their empty inks in local establishments, ask a local café, corner shop, library or local business to collect them, even simply display a poster in their premises. They’ll be happy to do so, as it’s encouraging people to go into their premises to drop off their inks.

List the 'drop off' locations on your website and social media – WE WANT YOUR WASTE – drop off your empty printer inkjet cartridges here, here and here….

Here are the main benefits of the Think-Inks charity and organisations program:

  • Raise funds no matter how big or small your charity
  • Total raised so far – £560K
  • Direct support – we know you’re busy, let us run it for you, you make initial contact, get the go-ahead, we do the rest
  • How? Using our easy and free scheme – spread the message, use your volunteers, speak to corporate partners and local organisations
  • Create a free account and starter pack – includes posters to print / hand out, box labels, documents to support project which can be shared online, content to upload to your website and social media pages


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