Below you will find the questions we get asked on a regular basis. If your question is not covered here please contact us. No question is too big or too small, we are here to help.

My Inks haven’t been collected!
We are very sorry about that, please use this form to contact us and we will look into this as a matter of urgency

I want to book a collection
That's easy, please just complete the form on this page

What do Think-Inks do?
We provide a simple, free service to collect empty printer inkjet cartridges, which are then sorted and distributed to our global remanufacturing partners for recycling

Why recycle ink cartridges?
Unfortunately, most people are throwing their empty printer inkjet cartridges into the bin. These then end up in a landfill or in our oceans, which is having a negative impact on our environment and wildlife. Recycling your empty inkjet cartridges is a step towards reducing this problem

Who can recycle?
Anyone and everyone, the more people involved the better outcome for our environment!

What will it cost?
There is no cost to get involved other than a little time and engagement to communicate the message and encourage others to get involved

Do you recycle anything else?
Yes, we can collect toner cartridges and other printer consumables, contact info@wbmltd.co.uk for more information on this service

Do you provide collection boxes?
We're trying to reduce our own carbon footprint; therefore, we would recommend that you collect in your own boxes where possible. This is another great chance for recycling to reuse an old box. If you do require collection boxes, please contact us to discuss your needs

How can I get others involved?

Easy, speak to them, tell them what the scheme is and the benefits included

Work in an office? Email colleagues asking them to bring their empty printer inkjet cartridges in from home, use posters and printable flyers that are available on this page

Work in a school? Host a focus week on recycling to educate the students, create competitions on who can bring in most inks

Run a charity? Advertise on your website and social media for the general public to donate empty inks to help raise money, list local drop off points and get your volunteers involved!

What is a Printhead Ink Cartridge?
A printhead ink cartridge is a combination of a metallic strip and chip. The metallic strip (the nozzle) is where the ink is released, and the metallic chip is what connects the ink cartridge to the printer

How many inks do I have to collect to qualify for free collection?
Will will arrange free collections for as little as 25 inkjet cartridges. If you have less than 25 inkjet cartridges and would like to have them collected, please contact us to discuss the options available

How much money do I have to earn before a payout?
We credit your Think-Inks account with each collection. Each time your account reaches £100 or more, we can either transfer the funds directly to you or provide a cheque

How much are the inks worth?
Inkjet cartridge prices vary from £0.05 up to around £5.00. It will depend on the type of cartridge and the mix we receive to determine the value of the cartridge. On average, a shoe-sized box will generate around £75-£100. We estimate the value at an average of £1 per Printhead inkjet cartridge

Which inks do you accept?
We accept ALL printer inkjet cartridges. We do not have a ‘wanted list’ and do not reject any printer inkjet cartridges

Which inks do you pay for?
We will pay a value for printhead inkjet cartridges. Use our handy ink-checker to see which Printhead inks qualify

I just want to recycle my own inks
No problem, please send your old inkjet cartridges to the address below and we will make sure they get recycled or reused

Adelaide Mill
Gould Street