Recycling for individuals

Become an active recycler, save the environment and make money at the same time. Unlike your local council, we will pay you for your empty printer inkjet cartridges. Just collect a shoe sized box of empty Printhead inkjet cartridges, we will collect them for FREE and pay you a value!

How the Think-Inks individuals program works:

  • Sign up for a free account with us
  • Collect a minimum of 25 printer inkjet cartridges then book a free collection (a free collection button can be found at the bottom of all pages of this website)
  • Remember to include your account number with the inks you send so that we know which account we need to credit
  • Payment is transferred each time your account balance reaches £100

You can take part in our scheme in any way you would like. You can create a free account with us and earn extra cash for returning your empty Printhead inkjet cartridges. Alternatively, if you do not want to open an account with us and just wish to recycle your inkjet cartridges, you can simply post your inks to us and we will make sure they get recycled on your behalf. Even if you do not have an account we will arrange a free collection for 25 or more inkjet cartridges. If you have less than 25 inks then please contact us to discuss collection options. We will collect and recycle ALL printer inkjet cartridges, paying you a value for only Printhead ink cartridges.

Contact us for more info or create a free account