Supporting Our NHS

The NHS needs your used ink cartridges

Think Inks will donate up to £5 to your chosen NHS Trust for each USED ink cartridge we receive & recycle

Supporting Our NHS Could Not Be Easier....

  • 1 Check the List below to see which ink cartridges you can include
  • 2 ONLY use a freepost bag to return your USED or UNWANTED ink cartridges from the list below
  • 3 Request a freepost bag and post your USED inks in your nearest post box or office
nhs staff

Please send a minimum of 2 genuine HP or Canon ink cartridges in this list.

earn money

Check Your ink

Canon Cartridges
CANON 37 £1
CANON 38 50p
CANON 40 £1
CANON 41 50p
CANON 47 50p
CANON 50 £1
CANON 51 50p
CANON 210 £1
CANON 510 £1
CANON 511 £2
CANON 512 £1
CANON 513 £2
CANON 540 £2.50
CANON 541 £2.50
CANON 545 £5
CANON 546 £5
HP Cartridges
HP 61 (Black or Colour) 75p
HP 61/301 (Black or Colour) 75p
HP 62 (Black or Colour) £2
HP 63 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 63/302 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 64 (Black or Colour) £1.50
HP 64/303 (Black or Colour) £1.50
HP 65 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 65/304 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 300 (Black or Colour) 50p
HP 301 (Black or Colour) 75p
HP 302 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 303 (Black or Colour) £1.50
HP 304 (Black or Colour) £1
HP 15 or 45 £2
HP 901 Black £1
FRANKING INKS – HP or NEOPOST (Red, Blue & Black Spot) £1

If You Have USED ink cartridges in the List Above…

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REQUEST OUR APPROVED FREEPOST BAG - Due to Royal Mail postage restrictions with their Freepost service, please click the button below to enter your details and we will send you our approved Freepost bag. Your data will only be used to send a Freepost bag and will not be passed on to a 3rd party.  Please click here to view our Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance.

Information about your Donation of Used Ink Cartridges

For more information on how your chosen Trust uses your donations please contact them directly.
You can find a list of NHS Trusts here

Is your Ink Cartridge Not Listed Above?

Not to worry we can still help you recycle your inks. You can save money and the environment. Please click the button below for more information.