Promotional Materials

On this page, you can download and print various promotional posters, box labels, flyers and leaflets to help you promote our ink cartridge recycling program.

1. Click the text link of the promotional material you are interested in below
2. Each link will open in a new window
3. When the new tab/window opens right click with your mouse and either choose "print" or "Save as"

Charity & Fundraiser 6 page brochure

Save The Ocean Schools

Save The Ocean General

Defib Poster

Think-Inks Generic A4 Poster

Think-Inks and you A4 Poster

Think-Inks Generic A3 Poster

Think-Inks and you A3 Poster

Think-Inks Generic A4 Box Label

Think-Inks and you A4 Box Label

Think-Inks Generic (19x13) Box Label

Think-Inks and you (19x13) Box Label


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