Think-Inks !

Schools ink recycling:

Recycling for schools

Schools are an excellent venue for collecting empty printer inkjet cartridges. Not only can you educate your students, raising awareness about recycling and environmental issues, but you can also raise valuable funds for your school as you do so.

Plastic in our oceans is a HUGE topic at the moment, everybody is talking about the dangers of plastic pollution and the impact it's having on our wildlife. Our scheme is a small but important part of helping to tackle the current global issue we are facing.

We can arrange to come to your school and give short talks about the impact plastic waste has on the environment and how we can help reduce it.

Our collection scheme can help your school raise funds in a fun, educational and informative way. Not only will your students get excited about it but it is something they can get their parent / guardian(s) involved with too. How many parent / guardian(s) will continue to throw something away that could be helping raise funds for their child's school?

We can help you with this every step of the way.

Here are the main benefits of the Think-Inks school program:

  • Educational discussion on recycling
  • An easy, simple and free scheme
  • Direct support provided – on-site talks
  • Competitions between classes / year groups for most inks collected can be great fun
  • Don’t have an Eco-Warriors group yet? Use this scheme as a starting point to get students involved in saving their environment
  • Encourage students to go home and speak to parent / guardian(s) about collecting empty printer inkjet cartridges – they can speak with their colleagues at work and encourage them to bring in their empty inks to help out
  • Create a free account and starter pack including posters to print / hand out, letter to parent / guardian(s), box labels
  • Unlimited free collections of inks

Contact us for more info or open a free account