Waste collectors:

Waste collectors recycling

Are you already collecting printer inkjet cartridges? – if so, we want to buy them and we’re confident we’ll be giving you better value than our competitors. We have over 30 years' experience in the industry and have partnered with leading global remanufacturers, which allows us to not only pay top market prices, but we also have a wider range of inks we can pay for compared to others.

We can collect from your customers on your behalf (free of charge) and credit you for the Printhead inkjet cartridges collected or we can collect from you.

If you are not already collecting inks, why? You’re already making waste collections from your customers, we can provide promotional material which can you hand out, encouraging them to start collecting, and again we will collect and pay you for them. Why tip profit into landfill?

Benefits of our waste collectors program:

  • Do you already collect ink cartridges? – We can purchase these from you
  • We can provide the collection service direct to your customers on your behalf or directly from you, it's your choice
  • Tailored, reliable service
  • Electronic waste solution
  • Increased revenue opportunity
  • We can provide an electronic waste certificate/waste transfer note on request

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