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Recycle your empty ink cartrdiges - all ink cartridges accepted

Recycle your empty ink cartridges -
all ink cartridges accepted


Fill a small box - we'll collect for FREE

Fill a small box -
we'll collect for FREE


We will pay over £100 for just
a shoe-sized box of Printhead inks!

We will pay over £100 for just
a shoe-sized box of Printhead inks!

Our passion

We’re passionate about recycling and commit to following the EU waste framework directive, including the waste hierarchy as defined in UK Law through the waste regulations 2011 (England & Wales). All products we collect are sorted and, where possible, prepared for re-use and/ or recycling. What better way to raise money, whilst helping to save the environment!

We’re also trying to reduce our carbon footprint; you can simply use any shoe-sized cardboard box and we’ll collect it. We can provide collection boxes if required. If you would like to request these, please contact us to discuss your needs.


What do we do?

We encourage people to collect waste ink cartridges to be recycled. We provide a free and easy service, arrange free collections and can collect all quantities, from a shoe-sized box to a pallet, or even a trailer.

Once the inks are collected, we process them for remanufacturing/re-use/recycling. We will pay a value for all printhead ink cartridges collected.

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How do we do it?

It’s a simple process and anyone can get involved. It’s as easy as:

  1. Collect empty ink cartridges in a cardboard box
  2. When it’s full contact us and we’ll arrange to collect it for free
  3. We’ll recycle everything and pay you for all printhead ink cartridges

Why do we do it and why should you get involved?

Each year in the UK alone, millions of printer ink cartridges are used and thrown in the bin. Ink cartridges are not only made of materials which take years to decompose but they can also contain hazardous chemicals, both these factors are damaging to the environment.

Our waste solution is a step towards preventing ink cartridges from ending in a landfill or our oceans and fighting to protect our environment.


Who can do it?

Anyone and everyone can get involved, whether you’re an individual wanting to have a positive impact towards the waste plastic problem we’re facing, a business looking to raise funds for a chosen charity, a waste management company wanting to increase revenue, a charity wanting to raise funds and support the work your organisation provides or even a school, wanting to educate your pupils and raise funds for school equipment.

Explore our site to see more info.

Who we work with

You can click on any of the headings below to find out more information about the different kinds of people and groups that benefit from our programme.


Do you or your family use lots of ink cartridges over a year? Then we would love to help you recycle them. Why throw them away when you can just put them in a box, we will collect them and pay you for your trouble?

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We know that modern schools are always happy to receive extra funding. Get your pupils bringing in their old cartridges and in the process of collecting you can teach the kids how important recycling is and why we must do it.

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Charities & Organisations

We know how difficult raising funds or donations can be. We can provide collection boxes for charity shops and donations kindly offered by our other clients. More donations and helping the environment what is not to like?

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We will soon be announcing our hospital's programme to do our part to help cut costs for our NHS.


For all modern businesses, efficiency has become one of the number one considerations. By using our service you will cut down on waste and save on your office budget.

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Waste Collectors

We work with waste collection companies to increase what they earn from the recycling of inks. We can even arrange to collect direct from your clients on your behalf free of charge.

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