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donate to charity

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What we want

We want your empty inkjet cartridges. We collect 1000's of different types of cartridges, which are processed for reuse. Some HP and Canon Printhead inkjet cartridges are worth money to you or a chosen organisation

What is a Printhead inkjet cartridge?

A Printhead inkjet cartridge consists of a metallic circuit board and strip on the bottom, this is where the ink is dispersed. Examples can be seen in the image here…

Where are they?

A Printhead inkjet cartridge is found in home and small desktop printers. Ask your friends, family, neighbours, work place, colleagues, community and so on. There is an estimated 45 million of them used in the UK alone EVERY YEAR and LESS THAN 3% of those are being recycled...the rest are going to landfill!

printhead ink cartridges

How Does It Work?

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You can either raise funds, donate to charity or simply help the environment by recycling your empty inkjet cartridges with us.

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We accept and collect all printer inkjet cartridges. Only HP and Canon Printhead inkjet cartridges can be exchanged for a value. Use the search box below to see if your HP / Canon Printhead inkjet holds a value

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It's easy, request your recycle bags or boxes and send us your empty inkjet cartridges for FREE

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Request your recycle bags or boxes here

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Post the recycle bags through Freepost Royal Mail and request a free collection for recycle boxes

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We either credit a value to your account or make a donation to your chosen charity for the HP & Canon Printhead inkjet cartridges that hold a value

HP & Canon Printhead inkjet cartridges eligible for a value

Use the below search box to check if your ink cartridges are eligible for a value

If your ink cartridges do not appear below, please contact us to see how you can recycle them to help save the environment

All Instant Ink, Instant Ready, Setup, Setup H and Startup inks qualify

Generic filters
Exact matches only

Qualifying cartridges are those which appear in the search box above and are:

  • Not damaged
  • Original (OEM) and have not been previously recycled / refilled (or contain holes to show refilling has been attempted)
  • Have original brand labelling (not other brands such as ASDA, Tesco, Office Depot etc.)

All cartridges are visually inspected, sorted and processed. For full terms and conditions please see our terms and conditions.

We do not accept laser and toners cartridges through this recycling service. For an alternative solution for laser & toner cartridges, please contact

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